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Student Attendance Software

Reliable and Accurate Student Attendance Software

Several studies have shown that a routinely high school attendance is one of the factors that results in enhanced educational performance. It's also one of the key indicators of student well-being – often a low attendance can indicate problems at home or with health. For these reasons and more, making sure that attendance records are up-to- date and accurate is important. Our software enables you to keep track of attendance quickly and easily. Even if you have a large student body, we can make attendance recording a simple, rapid process.

Generate a Variety of Attendance Reports

By looking at patterns of attendance over time, it's often possible to spot what factors are most likely to trigger an absence – some children may tend to take a particular day of the week off, perhaps to avoid a lesson they dislike. Others may have regular days off due to family pressures. Whatever the issue may be, having access to accurate historic attendance data can ensure you have the evidence you need to take appropriate steps.

Parents Value the Information They Receive from School Attendance Software

Today's parents lead busy lives and may not always realize that the odd day off or late start their child has can result in significant amounts of education being missed. School attendance software can provide an instant picture of attendance over time, enabling parents to quickly grasp how their child is performing when it comes to attendance.

School Attendance Software Can Improve Attendance

Our software can be used to generate messages straight to parents' phones (via our accessible App), asking them where their child is if they haven't arrived in the morning as well as keeping them informed of any on-going attendance issues. To find out more about the benefits our attendance software can bring to teachers, parents and pupils, or to request a FREE software demonstration at your school, call us at (928) 242-4700.