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School Admission Software

School Admission Software Can Speed Up the Admissions Process

School admissions and transfers are a normal part of school administration, but they can be incredibly time consuming to process. Many schools are trying to make the admissions procedure easier by introducing school software to offer assistance. The right software can speed things up as well as ensure that all relevant information is captured. If you want to streamline your administrative systems, fresh software could really help.

Give Parents the Information They Need with School Admission Software

It's not just schools that need information on a new pupil; new parents also need large amounts of information on school procedures, expectations and communication methods. Our software has the facility for parents to download an App, giving them rapid access to relevant information. This is a valuable addition to any paperwork you hand out, as well as a useful mechanism for on-going communication.

Remind Parents About Outstanding Actions

During the admissions process, there may well be pieces of information which the parent needs to supply at a later date, or which needs to come from the pupil's previous school. Our software can alert you to the outstanding data that needs collecting – if required it's also possible to generate messages to parents, reminding them what needs to be supplied. The school admissions process is also a great opportunity to prompt parents to download the App, as well as stress the benefits it can bring – a good start for new parents who want to enjoy a good relationship with the school and have the benefit of all the valuable information the software can give them.

Professional Assistance with School Admission Software

The software we offer can be customized to meet a variety of objectives. From a smoother admissions process through to better parent communication, exam results and even school bus tracking, we can provide a fast, convenient solution that's easy to operate. To find out more about the possibilities we provide, call us at (928) 242- 4700.