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Bus Location Tracking

Make Life Easier with a School Bus Tracking System

How much school admin time is wasted by phone calls from parents, worried that their child's school bus is late or that their child isn't on it? With many children often having additional tuition or other activities in the evenings, ensuring that their child is on a bus that's going to get them where they need to go on time is vital. For schools, ensuring that transport runs as smoothly as possible, and that parents are aware of any changes or disruptions, is always a priority. That's why a growing number of schools are adopting a school transport management system.

A School Transport Management System Improves Communication

Software that tracks where school buses are allows parents to easily check, via their App, where their child's bus is located. This means they don't need to call the school and don't have to automatically start worrying if their child isn't at a designated stop by a certain time – the software will show exactly where the bus is, so if there is a delay it's easy to see what's happening.

Emergency Transport Information is Easily Conveyed

Unfortunately, mechanical breakdown, a delayed finish to a trip or school activity or road work can all cause school bus delays. If schools need to let parents know that a bus will be delayed, our software allows them to do it quickly and easily. Wherever parents are, the message can be relayed to their phone, instantly alerting them and preventing anxiety and a flurry of calls to the school to find out what's going on!

Plenty of Support for Your School Bus Tracking System

Our expert team is always on hand to assist when it comes to ensuring your bus tracking system works well. We can explain exactly how to use the software, as well as sort out any glitches quickly and easily. If you want a convenient, cost-effective transport communication system, our software could be the perfect solution. To find out more about how our tracking system could work for you, call us at (928) 242- 4700.