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School Examination Software

How Can School Examination Software Help Parents and Schools?

Although the idea of software being an aid to school examinations is relatively new, it's growing in popularity due to the many benefits it brings. For schools, it makes communication easier and cost-effective – no need to send out hundreds of printed letters – simply upload relevant examination information to the software and it's almost instantly distributed to parents. Not only does this ensure that parents get the information they need, it eradicates the need for printed material that costs money to create and can get lost or misplaced all too easily.

Parents Love the Convenience of School Examination Software

Most parents want to make sure that their child has all the information they need for successful study, as well needing the exam timetable so that they know what equipment is required or last minute revision their child needs to do. Because the information is readily available through our handy App, it enables parents to access the facts they need 24/7, even if they're out and about.

A Convenient Method of Tracking Progress

In addition to tracking information on exam results, the software can also be used to find out test results, assessment grades and similar. Not only does this enable parents to reward positive progress, it also means it's easy to see where additional support is required or some further work. Since all the information is already uploaded, it's easy for schools to generate a range of reports and progress lines that can help inform teaching, assist with placing children in the right set for their ability and similar tasks.

Help With Your School Examination Software

We understand that new software always takes a while to get used to, which is why our team offers a dependable source of support and assistance. Whether you need help with setting up the software, populating it or resolving a problem, our knowledgeable staff is able to give you the advice you need to get your software up and running smoothly. To find out more about the advantages of examination software or for anything else, call us at (928) 242-4700.