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Library Management Software

Transform Your Lending and Returns with Top-Quality Library Management Software

Although the school library is a valuable resource, making sure that books are returned on time and tracking who's been issued with what can be difficult. Particularly when a manual system is used, it can be very time consuming and it's all too easy for books to end up permanently missing from the library stock. To make library operation more efficient, schools are increasingly using library management software.

Multi-Functional Library Management Software

Our library management software lets you manage borrowing efficiently – if required, reminders to return overdue books can be automatically generated, sending a message to the borrowers phone to let them know that their books are due back. Because the books are electronically checked in, there's less risk of them being overlooked and recorded as missing. It's also possible to manage reservations, catalog inquiries and a range of other functions – why not ask us to visit you and provide you with a FREE demonstration?

Keeping Parents Informed About Missing Library Books

Despite reminders being sent to pupils, it's often the case that they fail to return a book. Better results are often achieved by communicating directly with parents, which is where our software can really add value – it's possible to text parents with details of outstanding loans, as well as share information on their child's borrowing habits. Parents just need to download our easily accessible App in order to enjoy fast communication with the school regarding library books and a range of other issues.

Let Us Tell You More About Our Library Management Software

We know that it's often easier to appreciate the added value which the right software can bring to your school administration if we show it in action. That's why we're happy to come to your school and show you why so many schools are choosing to use our software to make their administration faster and more effective. To book your FREE demonstration or find out more, call us at (928) 243-4700.

To be available in our Canvas version scheduled from academic year 2019-2020